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Water Filters

Water treatment is important when camping or hiking because it is impossible to know if water is contaminated by sight. Even though research suggests that back country water sources at higher elevations probably have cleaner water, you can never know unless tested. For that reason, the safest bet is to have your own personal water filter.
If you find a water source at higher elevation where there are little human traffic and no animals, it could potentially be a safe source. However, if you find the source near a heavily traveled trail, it is better to be safe by treating water than simply risking it. If you risk it and drink from an unreliable water source, which in fact is contaminated, it could lead to serious discomfort or illness while camping.  A serious hiker circumvents these troubles by using a water filter for camping that they have researched and brought with them.

When you go on a camping trip, you’re going to need water filters to have drinkable water. Using camping water filters, you can transform any stream, river, or lake water into a high-quality, thirst quencher easily. But with so many water filter products to choose from, how do you know which one is perfect for you?
Picking the right camping water filter can be a bit difficult. Before you go on your search, it’s important to know the difference between water filters and water purifiers. These two are the two options that you can use to have drinking water when you go on a backpacking or camping adventure.

Water Filter vs. Water Purifier

The difference between these two systems lies on the level of protection that they offer. In general, water filters work by removing waterborne bacteria and protozoa, not including viruses. On the other hand, a water purifier can fight all types of microbes, and that includes viruses. Water filters use a microfiltration system to get rid of contaminants in the water.
Water purifiers, however, use microfiltration as well as chemical treatment like UV light in eliminating bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and all other contaminants. For water filters, viruses are too small to catch. It often slips through the microfiltration system used in water filters. Chemical treatments were usually used to scramble viruses’ DNA or kill them.
Today, many water filters and purifiers include advancements that make removing of contaminants from water quick, easy, and convenient. This is what we can offer you here at Daily Camping Supplies. We give you wide array of selection of the best water filters for your camping trip.

Choose From Wide Collection of Camping Water Filters

At Dailycampingsupplies.com, you can have your pick of water filter from our wide collection of the best camping water filters. In our site, you can find information on all kinds of water filters and purifiers, including pump filters, filter straws, gravity filters, chemical drops, and tablets, as well as UV light. These are all devices and items that can help kill the contaminants in the water.
No matter what type of water filter you are looking for, Daily Camping Supplies has you covered.