Camping in the United States

Camping in the United States

If you are looking to go camping in the United States, you can often find exactly where you would like to go or see.  We are fortunate to have a robust campground system set up across the nation.  Ranging from huge, iconic National Park Campgrounds to smaller and off the beaten path State Park Campgrounds, you can find the exact spot to set up your tent and enjoy the fresh air.  Check out these lists of each type of campground to narrow down where you are going next.

Camping In National Parks

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Half Dome

Yosemite National Park

National Parks are often the large and iconic destinations that you see on postcards.  While they are heavily traveled, they are often well stocked with immensities and activities to help you see exactly that thing that you have always wanted.

Camping In State Parks

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Jay Cooke Bridge

Jay Cooke State Park, Minnesota

Oftentimes the State Parks are smaller compared to the National Parks.  Nothing about them compared to a national park is lesser though when trying to enjoy the wilderness.  Often times you can see more specifics of certain aspects of the state or region that you enjoy.  It is also possible to enjoy a much more intimate view of a specific landscape and do it in style.