4 Essential Camping Supplies

Essential Camping Gear and Supplies That Guarantee a Successful Trip and a Happy Camper

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Preparation is the key to success regarding anything in life. Putting the most amount of time beforehand will typically yield the best results. Having the right tools and plans in place will lead you to victory in your endeavors. Every facet of life excels upon your ability to enter the situation with the knowledge of what to expect, as well as the tools to complete the activity, and camping is no exception. Spending time in the wilderness does not only fall under that category, but is the extreme example. Disconnection from the norms of modern society is the ultimate goal, but is also the most foreign for most of us in this day and age. The important thing to remember is that you need the tools to enjoy your time in the wilderness.  But what are the essential camping supplies that you generally always need?  Our purpose here is to make sure you are informed on what the essential camping gear is to enjoy a successful trip.  Nobody wants to get stuck in the cold without the necessary things they need for camping.

Often times before leaving for a trip out into the wild, there are too many things to remember. As our trips accumulate over the years, we get better at remembering those few important things that we have forgotten, but we always find ourselves wishing we had brought that one thing we have forgotten. Researching what camping supplies you need can be exhausting but is very important.  Also, where are these camping supplies for sale, and which is the best for my trip?  Here’s a list of some important items that can be essential to creating success for a fun and safe wilderness camping or hiking adventure:

4 Essential Camping Supplies to Prepare Before your Adventure:

  •  GPS / Navigation Tools for the Wilderness


Sometimes we wander far and wide in our adventures.  As the days add up, we don’t want to find ourselves at a loss in terms of returning home.  Different terrain, changes in scenery and getting lost in the wilderness or our minds can disorient our sense of navigation.  While it might feel at times that we don’t want to return to our daily lives, the dichotomy between “normal” life and our adventures is what makes camping and hiking so great.  Making sure that you have the right navigational tools to find your way back is great thing to have if you ever need it.  Also the peace of mind of knowing that you will be able to find your way home can make your travels that much more liberating.  GPS navigators can be great if you ever found yourself a bit too deep into your adventures.  Even in popularly traversed area, needed to be helped out does happen, but having gear can ensure you are self reliant.

You can read more in depth about GPS and navigation on our GPS page.

  • Lighting for Camping

Have you ever been in this situation? You’ve spent the previous day loading your car full of your gear.  You drive to your destination and hike in to the perfect spot to spend the afternoon and night.  Spend the time setting up camp as you breathe in the fresh air.  Listening to the peaceful, calming wind rustle gently through the trees, all the while.  You start preparing dinner and setting up the campfire while the sun slowly sets.  After the beautiful sunset and your delicious dinner is done you attempt to clean up camp.  But it is only now that you realize you have forgot your flashlight!

We have all been in the situation where we have forgotten an essential piece of equipment to to illuminate our home for the night.  Personally, there are a couple of different lights that we like to have to use in most camping situations. Each come in handy for different situations.  Whether its the lantern, flashlight or headlamp, they all serve their purpose in different situations through the night.  Making sure you have your lights ready to go when you need them keeps the good times rolling through the night.  Portable solar lights stashed in your car are great too. They can be surprising portable and handy. Plus you don’t have to rely on always having the right size of batteries.

You can read more about the different options on our Camping Lighting page.

  • Water Filters and Purifiers

People say that water is more that 60% of our bodies.  It is the element that has given the unique characteristics of this planet that we love to explore.  And we need to drink it.  A lot of it.

Long backpacking journeys can become ambitious. As they get more strenuous, we need to consume more water to make sure that we are able to perform.  The problem that we run into is carrying all that weight.  Luckily, there are many options that allow us to keep our bodies hydrated just from the surrounding potentially around us.  But we might not have the constitutions to stomach some of the harsh conditions that are presented.  Portable water filters are an excellent way to make sure we can feed off of our surroundings while making sure that we are doing it in a safe and healthy way. There are many different sizes and types that will allow us to purify our water. Then we can make sure we are hydrated to go for long bouts out in the wild.

You can read more about all your hydration options on or Water Filter page.

  • First Aid Supplies for Camping

Hiking and camping exposes our bodies to the elements.  It’s what makes us feel so good about being disconnected from the daily grind in our homes and in cities.  But sometimes there are repercussions to this.  Nature strikes back on occasion, despite following the instructions of our equipment.  Being able to tend to those blisters is a great end of a long day.  A first aid supply kit is a great piece of equipment to have packed away in case you need it.  Not only camping might it add, these things are just plain handy to have stashed somewhere in your car at all times.

You can read more about First Aid Kits for camping on our First Aid Kits page.

These are just some of the main points that we like to consider when we are looking to embark off into the wilderness.  Of course there are many other items and categories that need to be considered, and we will get to them.  I also must confess, that as you get deeper and deeper into the abyss of camping equipment, it gets quite fun!  There are so many different specifications and models or types of equipment.  Hopefully we can bring some basics to your attention and explore some of intricacies of the nitty gritty as we test them out.  We strive to relieve stress and explore the great outdoors!